About Me

Web site design is my passion. For me there is nothing better than watching plain text turn into a digitized masterpiece.

Art, design, and computers have been a part of my life from a young age, mostly due to my grandfather and uncle. My grandfather was always working on some art project and my uncle was (and is) a “Mac Geek” and graphic designer in advertising.

I was an Art Major in high school and during those years I learned the design principles that I use today in all my websites. I began making web pages in my senior year and have been doing it ever since.

Sullivan University is where my career become a reality. There I learned the programming skills I needed to succeed in this industry. But knowing how to code is only half of what a website needs – it also needs design.

With my art and graphic design background I am better prepared to create websites that work, are user friendly, and project your brand image properly.

As my career has progressed, I’ve discovered that the best way for a website to work is for you to have more control over the content and design. You should not be tied down to when your site designer has time to fit you into their schedule.

The internet is always moving and changing, and your content needs to keep up. That is why I have found that most small businesses are best setup with a WordPress based site. It will allow you to easily change and manipulate your site when you have small changes (and sometimes even large). That way your designer has time to work on the big problems that may (and will) arise.

Contact me and we can discuss an option that would work best for your situation.

– Becky The Techy